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Settwell Relocation

Settwell Relocation is an independent Danish relocation company founded in 1992. It was the first company in Denmark to offer professional relocation services to companies assigning international key staff to Denmark.

Over the years, Settwell Relocation has served more than 100 international companies in moving their ever increasing number of expatriate families and individuals to Denmark. Settwells team knows from personal experience the challenges of moving to different countries and cultures. 

Ensuring the best possible relocation

For any international company transferring key employees to a foreign country, successful relocation is of vital importance. To avoid difficulties and ensure a smooth transfer, every aspect of the move must be planned and handled with care, including emotions, stress, and separation from friends and relatives. Today, most companies entrust this important task to specialists like us. Settwell Relocation offers comprehensive relocation services covering all the practical and human aspects of the move to ensure the best possible relocation for expatriates and equally importantly their accompanying families.

Good preparation is the key to success

Settwell Relocation helps to achieve a smooth transition by handling the many practical details, so that both employee and family can focus on settling in. Working closely with the HR department right from the start, Settwell Relocation assists in preparing those involved for the move, to ensure their expectations of Denmark are positive and realistic. The type and location of the new home must be appropriate and fit the requirements of the family. Schools and day-care for children must be suitable to make both adults and children feel comfortable from day one and be able to adjust to their new environment. 
Settwell Relocation has many different relocation services to offer and can tailor a package to meet your exact requirements.

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